What does being spiritual mean? How can you become more spiritual? To be spiritual is not about being holy or pious; it is about being at peace with yourself. Being spiritual also means being totally honest and true to yourself and others; it is about speaking your truth with love without hurting anyone. Spiritual living is about being compassionate, while allowing others to live their own lives and solve their own problems. It is about being happy with yourself and your life. And, most of all it is about having fun.

Being spiritual is about being the person you are meant to be, as shown in your astrological natal chart. Your natal chart reveals the person you chose to be before you were born. You are not here to be someone who others want you to be, you are here to be yourself. You cannot fit a round peg into a square hole! Live your life as if it were coming to an end. What would you do if you only had 6 months to live? Be true to yourself and life will be true to you!!

Everyday life is spiritual; for life itself is Spirit in action. Life was created for the soul to learn and grow spiritually. To be spiritual does not mean to live separated from society itself, but to live in the world, and yet not be attached to it. Life is meant to be joyous, yet so many people on the Earth plane walk around miserable and unhappy. When you are unhappy, you keep yourself in darkness. For when you do not allow yourself to see the light, you become caught up in the game, unable to see how the illusion of misery keeps you trapped.

The first step in becoming more spiritual is to speak your truth to others, even when you know they will not like what you have to say. However, when you speak your truth, speak it quietly and clearly with love from your heart. The second step is to look at your life and if it is not happy, to change it. Have no fear of change; it will always be there in your life. When you can learn to move at peace with change, you will be at peace with yourself.The third step is to have total faith in Spirit, knowing that they will be there to lead and guide you, once you let go of the fear. The fourth step is to let go of all conditioning and old programming. That conditioning contains every thought, emotion and belief that you hold onto from past lives and your interactions with others. Learn to replace this conditioning with intuitive insights from your Higher Self. Finally, learn to be happy. Happiness is the key to becoming spiritual.

During this process, you need to be aware that the Self can come in and start to fight against feeling happy. The Self would love to drag you back into the old comfort zone, if you allow it. It is not easy opening yourself to the spiritual and allowing Spirit to lead and guide you. The Self has had its own way for so long, then along comes Spirit and through intuition tries to lead you and guide you to this new path. However, with perseverance, you can win the battle between the Self and the Higher Self. Your purpose on this Earth plane is to conquer the Self.

You have drawn this card today so we in the world of Spirit can affirm for you that you are on the right path. Positive thoughts create happiness. Slowly, but surely, you can move forward out of the darkness. It does take time, because the Self puts up such a struggle, but at the end of the fight there is a peace and happiness that cannot be described. That is the prize.