Exploring Atlantis

I’ve had an extremely good and abundant time since April 1st – full of energy healing sessions with clients all over the globe. I utilized the powerful Aries (action, startup) and Taurus (earthly abundance) transits.

Now with Gemini transits and powerful Lunar eclipse (Sagittarius full Moon 5°/ Gemini Sun 5°) I was guided to two amazing fellow healers.

This lunar eclipse exactly touches my Gemini Moon 5° in the 8th house, so, naturally I was urged to heal my grandmother/mother’s ancestral line which led me to some amazing knowledge about Atlantis. My grandmother had an incredibly significant life there as high priestess. You may wonder why this so important?

My Ascendant closely conjuncts Atlantis.  My daughter’s Mars and husband’s Sun conjunct Atlantis.  Almost all my clients and close friends have personal planets that conjunct Atlantis. The two healers I was led to also have karmic conjunctions of Atlantis relating to their Sun and Saturn. It further sparked my interest.

My little investigation of people whose lives and charts shows significant connections to Atlantis brought me a deeper understanding of our “gloom and bloom” personality traits, such as our deep fear of destruction and losing control over our lives. All the examined charts (including mine) showed exceptional gifts and talents that the native tends to suppress, deep fear of failure and unexplainable feelings of guilt and regret. It’s perfectly relatable to the myth of Atlantis – highly advanced crystal grid island in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean, created by Poseidon (Neptune) for his loved human darling Cleito. The Atlantean’s lived in a golden age of abundance, high technology, and special frequency…until one day Atlantis was destroyed by Zeus. Atlantis disappeared into the ocean. Stories told by the Greek philosopher Plato gives some idea about amazing talents, advanced technology, and perfection gifted to the Atlanteans, who allowed their greed and thirst for power to corrupt and destroy them.

Let’s get back to my chart now. My Ascendant in Libra conjunct Atlantis, Pluto retrograde and Poseidon in 1st house of Libra (sign of balance and justice). Pluto conjunction with Poseidon gives extreme power which can be used for good or evil. If I was implicated for treason in the destruction of the crystal metropolis, no wonder why I’m extremely afraid about not hurting anyone with my energy, actions, or words – suppressing my powers- always worrying about what is good, what is wrong, and how my presence can influence others.

Pluto in retrograde shows karma and carrying past life energies through many lifetimes.

Trans- Neptunian/ Uranian planet Poseidon relates to mass destruction, but also with enlightenment. Let’s just mention that Hitler had Pluto conjunct Poseidon – and manipulated the masses which brought death, genocide and almost extinction of “not welcomed” – not perfect enough races/nations. Hitler’s dream about a new world order with an advanced Aryan race and his destructive ideology brought mass destruction and collapse.  He had to be stopped and destroyed- like Atlantis itself.

I also dream about a better, more perfect world. Knowing that everything IS perfect as it is – right now- in this moment of time- is enough.

Here comes this Libra balance between highest enlightenment and using the power for good against using the power for the wrong cause which can lead to destruction. I call it “gloom and bloom” traits.

We all have free will, and we all can put ourselves in the right direction by getting to know our own talents, challenges, and opportunities.

Knowing ourselves, forgiving, letting go is a theme of this Lunar eclipse- belief system- higher power- ideology (Sagittarius) and logic/ mind/ knowledge/ education (Gemini). South node (past, karma) is in Sagittarius and North node (future, life mission) is in Gemini. Jupiter (teacher) is ruler of this Eclipse in watery Pisces (Neptune). Have you found your teacher? Learning about your Ego self, Lower self and Higher self is crucial for raising your vibration and awareness.

What are you learning and what are you ready to let go of, so you can achieve enlightenment? I’m inviting you to explore.

Note: Special thanks to Hillary and Lindsay for bringing light to my new knowledge.

Happy Lunar eclipse.