Deprivation of Perspective

Deprivation is lack of a necessity. We all know the feeling (even if you’re not familiar with the terminology) of not having something that is essential to us at the moment of time when we need it most.

Lack of sleep. Lack of material necessities. Lack of support. Love. Money. Freedom. You name it, it is essential to our wellbeing.

Sometimes we deprive ourselves on purpose, thinking that we can prove something to someone. For example: we deprive ourselves of food (fasting) thinking that we are showing our love and affection to God or we deprive ourselves of food in order to have a thinner waistline and fit into the mainstream of a conditioned society. A famous quote by Coco Chanel illustrates this perfectly “You cannot be too rich or too thin.”

Sometimes other people’s decisions will impact what happens to us. You can go to jail and be deprived of freedom, or your government can decide to lockdown your country and deprive you of personal social interaction and things that make your already sad life, tolerable.

Sometimes we have a partner or a parent who decides what we need or should need, which deprives us of our freedom and our free will.

Sometimes we deprive ourselves of little “guilty” pleasures, such as chocolate, a glass of wine, or a second shot of coffee with your amazing friend, because that little voice in our head is whispering; we just can’t, mustn’t, shouldn’t… oh what a draggy way to live!

But deprivation of perspective is the worst one.

My perspective has changed during my 40 years of life. I grew. Matured. Learned. I still have much more change and learning to experience.

So, I can’t help but wonder…

Are we too spoiled or feel too entitled to have it all and feel dreadful when we can’t have it our way? How much of something is too much? Are we really supposed to be happy with a tiny bit of everything? Where do we draw the line between being spoiled and loving ourselves?

The more I think about what is right and what is wrong, I only come to one conclusion: We cannot be deciding about that for anyone except for ourselves. We cannot judge others. We cannot repress, suppress, or interfere in other people’s decision making.

Even the most spiritual amongst us easily forget that we are creators of our own reality, we are manifesting our vibrations and there is not only one truth. My truth can be a lie to others and vice versa. Everyone is entitled to their own perception and perspective. Every single one of us has different lessons, mission, and soul purpose. Some came to enjoy more than others. Some must learn self-love. Some are here to learn modesty and lacking. Don’t forget that we have had many lives and many soul lessons. Look at your North Node to depict your right life mission and please, try not to deprive yourself of self-love and acceptance regardless of your body shape or circumstances you have chosen to experience in this lifetime.

Blessings to all.