Energy Perspective

Having a Moon placement in Scorpio is not a cheerful song and even though my natal Moon is in Gemini in 8th house (Scorpio’s/ Plutonian house), my Moon has been progressing through Scorpio for the last 2.5 years. It has felt extremely purging and sometimes, even physically painful for my inner being.

I spent last 8 months in Europe feeling deeply disappointed and with no energy for much else than sleep and spiritual work. On top of that, I spent two months in bed with a broken foot and another month of physical recovery with extreme back and hip pain. Covid, (third time!) came as a cherry on top of iced crap.

Everyone wondered how I’m copying so well, how I am so calm and enduring everything so stoically? The truth is I was depressed and felt down on the bottom so even health misfortunes couldn’t shake me up. I was overweight for the first time in my life.  Netflix and fire/wood cracking was only thing to give me some comfort. Should I mention Saturn opposite my progressed Sun in Leo? Winter was long and, oh so cold. War in Ukraine began and brought more heavy energies and worry on the face of the people.

It has to be the end to all this misery, perhaps you wonder?

Then, the Sun came out and I woke up one Thursday morning so cheerful and positive. I sat on the little balcony with my coffee and watched the same ugly street with brand new eyes. My perspective changed and finally after so long I could see the rainbow over the old rooftops and just feel happy with no reason whatsoever.

Except that my progressed Moon proudly sat on 0° of Sagittarius! I started laughing and almost did a happy dance with my still sore foot.

Sagittarius is fire sign with mutable qualities, ninth sign of the Zodiac and represents optimism, adventure, travel, spirituality, and higher education. Sagittarius is adaptable and flexible, and his ruler is magnificent Jupiter, the biggest planet in our solar system. Jupiter is associated with the principles of growth, expansion, healing, prosperity, good fortune, and miracles. Jupiter governs long distance and foreign travel, big business and wealth, higher education, religion, and the law.

The long story (about Sagittarius) short, you can see how the Moon, planet of our emotions and inner personal needs and our unconscious feel now.

I’m back in the States (came back on New Moon in Pisces in March) with a smile and a new kind of optimism. People text me all the time how I look and seem better here than I was in Europe and conclude it must be the Californian air. Probably, but definitely mixed with optimistic Sagittarius energies that my inner being is emitting so enthusiastically. I enjoy the weather, the food, new neighborhood, the people, old friends, the sun…. everything seems so bright and shiny. I’m just happy every single day. Even the war seems to be so far away.

Almost naïve, my objective friend would say. I also have heavy Pisces transits in my 6th house of health, routines, and service. I feel determined to enjoy the ocean side as long as possible and eat healthy organic food to nourish my physical body. I’m getting slowly but determinedly back in the shape I once had, being patient with my foot to heal. Solstice and Aries energy bring more fire and determination and I can’t wait for April and New Moon in Aries on April’s fool day. It’s not so hard to know from what I wrote, I don’t have any fire in my natal chart except Neptune who is also ruler of water sign. Deep sigh. But well, that’s why I’m happy to enjoy fire transits and my new placement of a progressed Moon. In need of that action seeking energy to try to live it out in the physical world and not only in my inner world of imagination and overthinking.

I hope you all will try to enjoy the month of the new astrological year that started a couple days ago as I am. We can pray and meditate for world peace and hold space for people in need. Being in higher vibration will help to save and build the New Earth.

Best wishes to all.