Increase your vibration by releasing your fear and having the trust and faith in the Higher Self.

Video Transcription:

Question: So How does one raise their vibration to meet you at your level?

Maitreya: It is a long process. It certainly cannot happen overnight. First of all, one has to be stripped of ego, because the ego / the self will have you believing in so many things. You must become very humble, have not expectations, remove all fear and doubt, not just on the surface, but also in on a deep deep deep level. There are those of you who say I have dealt with that, but you have only dealt with a part of it, and there are many layers which need to be removed that is why you say oh I thought I have dealt with that, you have never dealt with it. May I say to you that even when you have health with it, it will be presented to you again just to see if you have learned to let go. You need to also have trust and faith, which many do not have because the ear of the self just swallow you. So there are many things that you need to do. It took my channel from 1992 when I entered her life on the Earth plane as she raised her vibration to come to me until 1999. 7 Earth years for her to raise her vibration and remove her fear in a sense. When I say raised her vibration, she was already in a raised vibration but she still had a lot of fear from a past life, it was not so much what you would call surface fear, it was the dredges of the last fear deep inside of her regarding her channeling. And when she went to the United Nations to do her talk with that group of people that she did, she finally had let go of all of that fear, the fear of channeling in public. And we chose she with us chose that opportunity to do the channeling there because anywhere else who’d not have allowed her to remove the fear and then it was gone, layer upon layer upon layer upon layer. We can, as you raise your vibration, work with you when you are halfway there, but we cannot work with you 100% while you have ego and fear and doubt. I hope that explains that situation.